You Said It: Best Burger in Oxford

On August 28, asked its Facebook and Twitter followers to give their opinion on the Best Burger in Oxford. Below are their responses. Do these opinions match your own?

Facebook Responses

Jeff Huffman: Round Table. Handmade patties cooked to order with maple sugar bacon.

Mary Milek: Boure

Rob Cornelius: SnackBar. 20 percent of the ground meat is bacon.

John Keener: Homemade; Phillip’s is good too

Jake Kesterson: Handy Andy’s. No contest.

Jason Ezell: LBs Meat Market

Brooks Boylan: Well it was Oxford Steak Company when they did Burgers and Beer, but also Handy Andy!!

Camille Boutwell: Tacky Shack!!

Lisa Cain Burr: Handy Andy

Erika Lipe: Handy Andy’s, without question.

Gina Laird: Phillips

Scott Ross: Handy Andy’s hands down

Eric Creel: Was my house. Then I would say the place that replaced dipping dots (Christy’s)

Ryan Jones: Tacky Shack or Irie

Cris Austin: Irie

Twitter Responses

@Alericanflag: Lamar Lounge

@gregjonesbrah: LBs Meat Market

@catspurring: Lamar Lounge

@saundersadam: Ajax. As long as it comes with pimento cheese.

@kylelaird: Christy’s!

@thematttaylor: Ajax. Period.

@EzellJason: LBs Meat Market best burger Fred’s Way!

@gmmarks: Handy Andy

@mafmsu: Christy’s!

@aclindle: Phillip’s Grocery

@AbbeyDobbs: Roosters fosho

@TmonTaynya: Phillip’s Grocery!

@LarryKegley: Handy Andy

@cmlee: Lenora’s, with Yocona Sauce. The Proud Larry’s Larry burger is a close second.

@KaptainKirk12: Handy Andy, hands down.

Oxford's Best Burger Quest

credit: Oxford Burger Blog

OK, now this is something to get excited about!

Beth Ziegenhorn, Greg Earnest and Jillian Pecoraro have taken up the task of going around Oxford to systematically locate the town’s best burger. They will go to every restaurant in Oxford that isn’t a fast-food restaurant (they qualify fast food as restaurants with drive-throughs), eat a burger, and score it according to style, taste, content, satisfaction and price. All of their results will be documented online at a site they’ve set up at Oxford Burger Blog. They will bring along guest judges to get different opinions as well, including a vegetarian judge and a judge in charge of fry scores. 

They’ve already visited Proud Larry’s and Round Table on the Square. See the results on Oxford Burger Blog and follow along to see which burger they dive into next.